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Who Are We & How Can You Support Vegan AF

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

You’ve probably read our bio on our social media platforms and/or read through the about section on our website. While this gives you a picture of who we are, we thought we'd like to tell you more about us, why this mission exists, and how you can help the dream come to fruition.

The Vegan Africa Fund (Vegan AF) is an impact fund scaling plant-based and regenerative ventures and supporting the pan-African vegan network. We enable access to sustainably produced plant-based food and leather products, raise plant-based literacy, and invest in vegan ventures. Vegan AF is partnering with vegan ventures to scale plant-based production through a decentralized network of 100% vegan co-factory production spaces. We're filling the gap between impact investing in Africa and scaling vegan African businesses, while utilizing blockchain technology innovations and early support from VAF crypto investors.

There’s a complete ecological breakdown happening currently, caused by destructive industrialization and increased dependence on livestock agriculture. Both of these practices are rapidly increasing in Africa, causing severe environmental damage. The best way to reverse these effects is a mass societal shift towards sustainability, reforestation, and regeneration of the planet. Individually, the most impactful action that one can take to fight climate change is to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. We want to make this lifestyle shift accessible to anyone who would like to adopt it in Africa while supporting the businesses making it happen!

The African continent is projected to double by 2050 and quadruple in the next century. That’s a lot more people to feed… in fact, Africa is growing faster than any other continent. How we increase food production must be rooted in regeneration instead of destruction. Rainforests in Congo and throughout Africa are also being slashed for industrial and agricultural expansion, and animal agriculture is largely responsible for the rapid depletion of resources that could otherwise be used to further reduce end world hunger.

Veganism, historically, has been mostly used as a reactive technique by concerned individuals doing their part to act ethically, improve health, and solve environmental issues. The next phase of human evolution must be to act cooperatively as an integral part of the earth's ecosystem. Vegan AF is utilizing veganism as a preventative approach to some of the world’s greatest challenges, and to restore the balance between human and nature.

Our mission is enabled by investments in VAF tokens, the native cryptocurrency token of the Vegan AF Network, which are impact tokens enabling the cooperation of vegan individuals and businesses through the VAF token economy. You can read more about Vegan AF's efforts to bring together blockchain technology and growing the vegan economy in Africa here. As our network grows, VAF tokens can be redeemed for goods and services from partnered Vegan AF operations - holding these tokens is like holding a stake in the vegan future of Africa.

Whether you decide to help our cause by simply going vegan, doing what you can for the environment, and adopting sustainable practices, or by investing in VAF or donating, we’re glad to have you here with us. Together, we can practice compassion and empower the vegan re-love-ution!

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