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Vegan AF Ventures

Help us support 10+ ventures by the end of 2023.
We supported 6+ initiatives between 2021 and 2022. Join our growth and support our network.


We invested in Kenya's first vegan restaurant and helped them shift to value-added food processing. 

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Vegan Basket - Kilifi, Kenya

We have identified 300+ African vegan businesses seeking to expand. Here are just a few in our network.


Eden Vegan Foods
Lusaka, Zambia

Eden Vegan Foods is run by Florence Hanampota, and is Zambia's premiere producer of vegan meatballs and sausages, who also produce vegan burgers, seeking to scale production with access to machinery. You can learn more about Eden Vegan Foods here


African Vegan on a Budget
Harare, Zimbabwe

African Vegan on a Budget raises awareness of veganism through vegan meals in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Currently, Chef Cola runs several kitchens and is launching a cookbook. You can read our feature here and follow them here.


Isalachi Grains
Lagos, Nigeria

Isalachi Grains seeks to provide plant-based gluten-free grain options to the African market through regenerative farming practices. Read more about their vision here

Veggie Victory
Lagos, Nigeria

Veggie Victory is Nigeria's first plant-based food-tech business, known across the continent for V Chunks, a meat substitute served throughout restaurants. They also run the VCafe in Lagos. You can learn more about Veggie Victory on their website here


Tamu by Jane
Cape Town, South Africa

Tamu by Jane is a vegan food brand specializing in cooking demos and classes as well as food delivery and catering. You can learn more about Tamu by Jane here


The Vegan Africa Fund is currently accepting donations for supporting non-profits. Investment opportunities will arise again in the future.

To join the network as a vegan business, share some more information through our apply page.

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