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Highlights From Veg Fest Morocco!

VegFest Morocco was an entirely digital event held in honor of Dr. Jane Goodall, the legendary animal rights activist.

On November 6 and 7, 2021 the digital VegFest Morocco, livestreamed on Facebook from the VegFest Morocco page, reached over 50,000 people. The Vegan Africa Fund sponsored this event to bring together pan-African and global perspectives on veganism. Festivals help us share culture, and we believe this event helped to strengthen the African vegan community. We had so much fun!

We hosted a panel featuring African and American activists to discuss how to engage your community in veganism (below).

We also brought together vegan entrepreneurs from Kenya, Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria to discuss their businesses and how they measure impact. You can watch our discussion with the founders of Casa Vegan (Nigeria), Veganzania (Egypt) and Tamu by Jane (South Africa) and the ProVeg Africa coordinator.

Our founder Sunny shared more about the Vegan Africa Fund mission with the VegFest Morocco audience, and highlighted the perspectives, struggles, and visions of African vegan entrepreneurs. You can watch this video below, and tune into the VegFest Morocco page for over a dozen other awesome conversations!

Support the vegan future of Africa by supporting businesses that profit with impact. Purchase the VAF impact crypto to support our network and operations through our invest page. We're working to build an equitable vegan future, and excited for what's ahead.

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