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Vegan Uganda Football Team Sponsorship

There's a movement growing in Uganda. Uganda is an East African country that grows abundant tropical food year-round and has a thriving vegan community. The vegan movement here is nothing new, but rather the strengthening of a traditional lifestyle. The Vegan UG Football Team is one group that is working to develop the vegan community and spread compassion. Vegan UG members advocate for personal health and fitness, animal well-being and help people go vegan (and stay vegan!) in the Mbale, Uganda region. The Vegan Africa Fund has sponsored Vegan UG Football, and we are excited to share their story!

I first connected to Kyobe, the Vegan Society of Uganda president and founder of Vegan UG Football, in April 2021. I was inspired to learn more of his story, the team's origins, and their passion for spreading veganism while playing football. I learned through Kyobe that the traditional ways of life in Uganda are primarily plant-based. Kyobe shared with me that he was inspired to go vegan by his 80-something-year-old grandmother, who has been vegan all her life. He founded the Vegan UG Football team as a low-cost way to bring together people and grow awareness of the vegan lifestyle in his community.

Ending the cycle of suffering is at the core of the Vegan UG lifestyle. Their community is inclusive, with over 80 men, women, and non-binary individuals who meet several times a week for practices. They help new vegans with the transition, educate interested individuals, and promote health and wealth. Thus far, we have commissioned new jerseys for the team, helped with transportation costs to the matches, and are strategizing on making veganism more accessible in Uganda. We hope to enable the team to reach a wider audience and spread awareness about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for personal, environmental, and animal wellness.

You can watch my interview with Kyobe, the president of the Vegan Society of Uganda and founder of Vegan UG Football, here:

Invest in the Vegan Africa Fund to support vegans growing the movement across Africa.

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