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"The Lady Project" Uganda by Podrska Foundation

Podrska Foundation is a vegan foundation caring for human and non-human lives, founded by Dash Meizler, and based in Kampala, Uganda.

Many girls and young women in Uganda miss out on school every single month due to a lack of clean underwear or sanitary products during their menstrual period. In 2018, Podrska launched "The Lady Project," promoting gender equality through economic empowerment. After identifying community needs, Podrska began sourcing cruelty-free fabric and materials to create clothing, bags, jewelry, and menstrual products.

The women that Podrska employs with are some of the most vulnerable in Kampala. The Lady Project focuses on employing and uplifting women who are single mothers, widows, experiencing poverty, or adversely affected by HIV/AIDS. While working with The Lady Project, women are able to earn a salary and provide a much-need product: environmentally-friendly and reusable menstrual products. These products are currently sold at local markets in and around Kampala.

The Vegan Africa Fund is excited to announce that we are now supporting the Podrska Foundation! Along with providing women economic opportunities, Podrska is vegan-founded and focused, encouraging sustainable and cruelty-free practices and educating the women employed through the Lady Project about a vegan lifestyle. You can match our support of the Podrska Foundation through their Patreon page.

Podrska volunteers work to educate women about the plight of animals, and draw the parallels between human female exploitation and the exploitation of female animals. Podrska maintains that we have to shift towards veganism to promote women's rights as much as an animal rights.

The Podrska Foundation is seeking funding NOW to increase their capacity and help give more women meaningful employment. You can access their website for more information on donations, and follow Podrska on Instagram to keep up with the latest projects.

To help the Vegan Africa Fund support vegan outreach, entrepreneurship, and community engagement across Africa, invest in the VAF impact crypto. To increase our social impact capacity, you can donate to the Vegan Africa Fund or support our Patreon page. We are able to support Podrska thanks to the support of our incredible community. Thank you!

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