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Vegan AF Launches Clothing and Merch for Purchase!

The Vegan AF movement is growing and our supporters can now show us off.

We are thankful to have an amazing logo for Vegan AF, and our creative team is growing quickly! We're excited to announce that we have launched our first online store, with several designs available for purchase.

You can now order prints with our logo, with or without "Vegan AF," as well as other creative designs! We partnered with Redbubble to ensure ethical materials sourcing and sustainable delivery. We are utilizing a global network of manufacturers and distributors, so your order will be fulfilled as locally as possible.

Aside from our logo designs, we have a growing design menu that you can shop from! We're excited to help our supporters express their beliefs through clothing and more.

Profits from items purchased through the Vegan AF Redbubble store support the vegan network in Africa. Other items available include phone cases, notebooks, hats, bags, stickers, coffee mugs and more.

Check out our store now! If you want to submit a design to feature on our store, email us at

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