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Giving Tuesday: Call-to-Action

On this Giving Tuesday, we are supporting non-profit ventures in our network. Please donate today to the Vegan Africa Fund!

World Vegan Month is the month of November. We set and accomplished a goal to spread vegan education and outreach to 1,000 individuals across Africa this month. We partnered with the Vegan Society of Uganda on World Vegan Day, November 1st, to host a biking event encouraging sustainable transportation and a vegan lifestyle.

We were able to extend our reach through several digital events. On November 6 and 7, the Vegan Africa Fund co-sponsored VegFest Morocco, a digital event with speakers from 15+ African countries as well as the global vegan network. This event reached over 50,000 people in the two days we live-streamed on Facebook.

To continue supporting vegan advocacy, networking, and community-driven ventures across Africa, we are asking our global network for support. Donations during this week to the Vegan Africa Fund support the pan-African vegan network of activists and leaders. To help eco-entrepreneurs further their work, you can invest in the VAF, an impact token for an African vegan future.

Donate today and help us build a more sustainable world.

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