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Own an NFT for positive change - NFTs can make a difference 🌍

Powered by The Vegan Africa Fund (VAF) & VAF Crypto, the eco-enhancing Astral Giraffes (AG) NFT collections support entrepreneurs, artists and animal conservation efforts in Africa.

The collections represent green-chip NFTs for positive change - with utility and purpose. Astral Giraffes represent the change we want to see in the world.

The Ethereum-based, low-carbon-emission Harmony Protocol is supporting our launch of 10,000 AG NFTs on the Harmony network over three years. Funds from our NFT sales will be invested in environmentally conscious African start-ups.

Our VAF network will receive investment from the collections. This will empower communities, support companies to create sustainable and high value products, and expand our growing proactive network of plant-based change-makers. Perks of owning a green-chip AG NFT include early access to merchandise, redeemable gift baskets from our network, and contribution to conservation efforts.

The Astral Giraffes : Genesis Collection available on OpenSea and Astral Giraffes : Dragon Collection available on Mad NFTs are just the beginning of our trailblazing path for creative, powerful and purposeful utility. We are committed to amplifying underserved African communities and boosting earth-kind projects.

The VAF mission received a grant at the inaugural NFTLA (March 28-31 2022): an event filled with Web3 innovators and NFT creativity. We are grateful to the Harmony community for believing in The Vegan Africa Fund, and continuing to support our roadmap through our social token and NFT launches.

Our project is mission driven, join us.

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