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Vegan AF Network


Melinda Wavamunno

Vegan AF Brand Consultant - Uganda

I have been working in brand growth and development for over 10 years as a communications consultant in entertainment, the arts and sustainable projects. I am currently based in Kampala and I have been vegan for over two years. I am passionate about creating personal and community experiences in Africa to spread awareness of the goodness of plant-based living for us and for earth! 

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Sunny Satva

Vegan Africa Fund Founder 

I am working to help African vegan founders access capital and a global network. I have a vision for a future that is vegan, equitable, and abundant! Through the Vegan Africa Fund, we invest with our partners in the future of eco-entrepreneurship. I have been vegan for six years and believe the most important and exciting sector to invest in now is the vegan product sector and regenerative agriculture in Africa.

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Kyobe Ashraf

Vegan AF Ambassador - Uganda

I have been vegan for 9 years, and was inspired by my grandmother who is vegan herself. I shifted to a vegan lifestyle because I value the life of others. I’m the founder of the Vegan UG football team, and dedicate my time to spreading veganism in my community while being a voice for voiceless animals.

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Florence Hanampota

Founder, Eden Vegan Foods - Zambia

I have been vegan since 1996 and co-founded my company in 2018. Eden Vegan Foods supplies plant-based sausages, burgers, meat balls, and more to grocery stores in 6 Zambian provinces. We are working to expand, and hope to acquire machinery to shift from hand-processing everything to producing at scale, and are excited and hopeful to collaborate with the Vegan AF network.  

Rosanne Howarth

Advisor - South Africa

I am a Client Fund Manager at Stanlib in Cape Town, South Africa. I am focused on responsible investing and meeting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. I'm a board member of the CFA Society of South Africa, an Advisor for the Vegan Africa Fund, and I enjoy spending time supporting the financing of vegan businesses. I support a vegan future.


Millicent Konga

Vegan Basket Co-Founder - Kenya

I'm the head chef, recipe developer and co-founder of Vegan Basket. We started as a small take-out space with only 3 menu items but over time we have been able to expand our menu. At first, it was just Gitaari & me running the day-to-day operations but thanks to Vegan AF's investment, we have been able to hire more help in the kitchen and add new items.

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Shaila Agha

Advisor - Kenya

I'm a vegan trained in regenerative agriculture practices. I'm working with the Regen Foundation community to support fintech integrations with regenerative projects. We're also leading some exciting projects growing food forests, with the goal of building circular economies that can be supported in Africa. 

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Gitaari Mwangi

Vegan Basket Co-Founder - Kenya

I've been vegan for 16 years and co-founded Vegan Basket in Kilifi alongside my wife, Jelel. We started the restaurant in 2019. Vegan AF came into the picture early this year and through their investments, we are expanding to process vegan meat and cheese substitutes while feeding a larger community.


Ezra Fesihatsion

Vegan Chef - Cote D'Ivoire

I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where I attended business school and currently live. I am advising Vegan AF on operations and strategies, as I have helped many people on their plant-based journey and am aligned with the ultimate mission of making more vegans in the world. I ran the Loving Hut 100% vegan restaurant in Addis Ababa for 6 years and now run the Loving Hut in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire.


Chef Cola

Vegan Chef - Zimbabwe, South Africa

I'm the founder of African Vegan on a Budget, founded in 2016. I'm passionate about spreading awareness about vegan culture across Africa, and to enable people to live a plant-based lifestyle. I work as executive chef for Akashinga, an all-female anti-poaching team which protects animals, and doesn't consume any.  


Hakeem Jiro

Co-Founder - VeggieVictory

I founded VeggieVictory, based in Nigeria, alongside my wife Bola back in 2013. We're passionate about sharing a plant-based lifestyle with our community, and expanding regionally and internationally. Our premiere product, VChunks, launched in 2021 in the Kenya market, which was our first pan-African expansion move. We are excited to collaborate and build a thriving plant-based continent. 

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Dash Meizler

Founder, Podrska Foundation - Uganda

I am the founder of Kampala-based Podrska Foundation, a fully vegan organization supporting vegan education and skills training programs in Kampala. With the recently launched "Lady Project," we support women who lack access to economic opportunities build businesses providing reusable hygiene products for the local community. 

If you want to join the Vegan Africa Fund team, check out our listings on AngelList

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