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Media Features

Thank you to all who help support the vegan future of  Africa.

Watch our founder's interview with Nivi Jiswal of the Jivinti Foundation on Jane Unchained TV: What's Cryptocurrency Got to Do with Veganism?


The VIVAS Network: Vegan Africa Fund Feature and Founder Interview


VegFest Morocco: Panels with Pan-African and Global Vegan Activists and Entrepreneurs


GreenQueen: Vegan and Alt-Protein Scene Heats up Across Africa

Listen to the AfroBeets podcast where we discuss the opportunities in Africa and the Vegan Africa Fund mission.

Articles and Media

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Green Living UK: Vegan Africa Fund Feature and Founder Interview


Responsible Eating and Living Podcast: Vegan Africa Fund

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The Future of Protein Production Summit: Africa Rising

Video Features


VegFest Morocco: How to Engage Your Community in Veganism - African Diaspora Conversation


Plant CEO: 
Pan-African Panel Discussing Vegan Business in Africa with Sunny Satva, Anant Joshi, and founders of VeggieVictory and Talmond Foods: Hakeem Jiro, Bola Adeyanju, and Ashiaki Wilson-Tei

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