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Eat Out

Eating out as a vegan is no longer as much of a hustle as it used to be. Many restaurants are now incorporating vegan items into their menus, and we're also starting to see 100% vegan restaurants.

This is a guide for eating out in Kenya! Please reach out to us at if you’re elsewhere in Africa and wish to collaborate helping us make a guide for your country.

When planning to eat out, we find it helpful to download or view the restaurant's menu online in order to see their options and how versatile and easily changeable their menu options are. 

For instance, going to Indian, Chinese & Japanese restaurants can make it easy to always get plant-based options.

Even if the restaurant is not entirely vegan, feel free to ask for plant-based swaps e.g. lattes with soy milk, no cheese in veggie burgers, etc.

Here are a few restaurants that you can eat at in Nairobi as a vegan.

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