Intro to Crypto


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets tracked on a public digital ledger. Assets are traded on global markets, and you hold equity in companies and protocols you support. There are thousands of assets, and value is driven by demand.


Vegan Africa Fund

The Vegan Africa Fund is the first-of-its-kind impact venture capital initiative with a decentralized goal. VAF is a fast, eco-friendly impact crypto which enables global futurists to invest in a vegan future in Africa. VAF represents holding a stake in the Vegan Africa Fund and the portfolio we support. 

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Why Crypto Now?

Crypto enables financial liberation and freedom, especially in regions with limited access to credit. Decentralized currency may hold up better than national currencies compared to inflation, and bypasses banking oppression. 

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Fantom is a fast, eco-friendly crypto network that is 1-million-times more efficient than Ethereum, yet still is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The network is secured by a Decentralized Acrylic Graph (DAG), network of blockchains. With low transaction fees and energy impact, Fantom is the base network that VAF is built on.