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Vegan Africa Fund

We support ventures with local traction and a global vision.



Africa has 17% of the global population, yet receives less than 1% of venture funding. Vegan entrepreneurs currently lack access to capital to grow their businesses, and Africa is the most profitable region in the world to invest. 

Projections from analysts like Bloomberg Intelligence show that the global vegan food market will to grow over 500% by 2030. We want to empower African eco-ventures to thrive in this time by helping them expand and become globally competitive.

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Sunny Satva


Bioengineer and Investor, Crypto Enthusiast, Kenya + Global Citizen


Shaila Agha


Digital Finance Disruptor, Director at Grassroots Economics, Kenya

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Melinda Wavamunno

Brand Consultant

Public Relations, Design and Branding Expert, Uganda

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Rosanne Howarth


Fund Manager and Sustainanable Investing at Stanlib, South Africa

Why Now?

Climate change threatens life as we know it, and the best solution, which is supported by United Nations' scientists, is that the majority of the world shifts to a plant-based diet.


Africa has not yet seen mass-adoption of rainforest destruction and factory farming. How consumer decisions are shaped in the next decade will determine sustainability in the future. We invest in companies now that will lead the vegan product markets across Africa and globally in the next century. 

VAF Crypto

Impact tokens may be a crucial way to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. VAF is a tradable asset that can be traded for vegan goods produced by our network. 

We have also launched the Astral Giraffes NFT collecction to support our efforts. Shop now!