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Vegan AF supports the plant-based future of Africa. We grow the pan-African vegan network and enable vegan ventures to scale and meet the globally growing demand for vegan products and a sustainably sourced future. 

We partner with global futurists to scale ventures in Africa. If you're an investor looking to partner with us, visit our invest page.

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Why Invest in a Vegan Africa?

The vegan start-up space is exploding in Africa, and the global vegan meat and dairy alternative market is slated to grow 500% or more in the next decade. The network of vegan entrepreneurs need capital, expertise, and networks to expand. VAF grows the vegan network to support sustainable African development.

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Our Vision:

The Vegan Africa Fund supports a plant-based and regenerative future in Africa. We seek to empower entrepreneurs with future-forward solutions to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission:

We collaborate with founders who lead community-driven efforts with impact and potential to scale and profit. We form partnerships with global investors to support a vegan future in Africa.

Seeking Investment ?

If you have a plant-based and regenerative venture or start-up in Africa, we would love to hear from you! Fill out the forms on the "Apply" page when you're ready to submit your business plan and pitch deck. 

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