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Supporting the Vegan Future of Uganda

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Vegan Uganda News


VAF Ambassador: Kyobe

The Vegan Africa Fund is excited to announce Kyobe Ashiraf as the first VAF Ambassador in Uganda! Kyobe founded the Vegan UG football team and is the president of the Vegan society of Uganda. Learn more about his story on our network page. 

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Youth Outreach

VAF supports the plant-based future for our youth. We are sponsored the International Youth Day event on August 28, 2021! We educate kids about the health, environmental, social, and wellness impacts of a vegan lifestyle. Learn more about Vegan AF Kids here


Vegan UG Football

The Vegan UG Football team is a traveling corporate club team! They spread awareness through their competition about a healthy plant-based lifestyle in their community while growing the vegan movement in a kind, uplifting way. Learn more about our sponsorship here

Youth Day Uganda 2021

Global VegFest 2021


vegan society of uganda

The Vegan Society of Uganda is playing football, conducting vegan outreach, and promoting a compassionate way of life across Uganda.

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