I spent the past year and more traveling across Africa meeting vegan founders and creative communities. My passion is in getting the world to invest in Africa, a continent that has been exploited for far too long. 

I practice Qi Gong, or "energy work" daily. I've published two vegan cookbooks and I cook almost every single night.

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I'm the founder of the Vegan Africa Fund. I grew up in the U.S. and have been a huge nerd all my life - I love to read, love technology, and love collaboration.

I have a degree in Bioengineering, and my first job in that field I worked for the U.S. Army research office. My project revolved around animal testing and I realized I couldn't do work I wasn't ethically aligned with. I shifted my work and focus activism and crypto.

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Sunny Satva


I published two digital cookbooks, in 2019 and 2020, to share my passion for plant-based cooking. My Soy-Free Vegan Cookbook has delicious recipes like fudgey black bean brownies, vegan chili, carrots in a blanket, and more. 

The 3-Day Alkaline Meal Guide highlights what it means to eat an alkaline diet, and has some of my favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

When you purchase the E-Book, the PDF will be emailed to the email you use to purchase. 



We launched the VAF crypto and are introducing our first digital art, or NFTs, to support the Vegan Africa Fund. 

This design was made with love in Blender, and 3D modeled to showcase how crypto can support Africa, and to encourage a wider audience in the crypto community to support the vegan future of Africa. 

You can buy through Polygon on OpenSea or through Fantom on PaintSwap


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Practicing breath work, positive visualization, and circular physical movements are the elements of Qi Gong that help me stay positive, healthy and grounded. 

Practicing for five minutes a day will increase your awareness, endorphins in your body, and improve your relationship with yourself. I promise that if you start flowing, you won't want to stop. 

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