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Why Launch a Crypto-Backed Venture Capital Fund?

The Vegan Africa Fund is a first-of-its-kind venture capital initiative with equity distributed via cryptocurrency.

Our mission is to scale high-growth African-owned vegan ventures and uplift the plant-based legacy of Africa. The Vegan Africa Fund operations are powered by global investment in the VAF crypto: a digital asset on the eco-friendly Fantom blockchain which enables global support of our mission.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Digital assets like crypto make up an ecosystem - web3 - that is essentially a giant global stock exchange. You invest in the companies and missions that you believe in through their coin or token.

Cryptocurrencies are secured by cryptography, or secure computer algorithms that allow the user to fully control their own funds. This allows for enhanced financial freedom, as you can direct your funds without banking intermediaries or credit card companies during transactions.

Why invest in a Vegan Africa?

Africa is the fastest-growing continent; growth projections are similar to what China’s looked like 50 years ago. Africa is currently underinvested, receiving less than 1% of global start-up capital despite having over 17% of the global population.

The African population is expected to double in less than 50 years and the continent is in a huge expansion and industrialization period. Africa has 60% of the world’s agricultural land, and yet the continent is in a food-trade deficit of up to $40B yearly.

Equity and Inclusion

Investing in vegan African ventures will allow African ownership in the emerging vegan economy. The Vegan Africa Fund is encouraging African stakeholdership through our Community Development Fund, which unlocks equity for distribution to network members each time the VAF crypto is purchased. Learn more through our white paper.

Some of the sectors we are targeting - vegan leather, vegan protein, eco-packaging - are expected to see anywhere from 10% to 50% Compound Annual Growth over the next decade. We are targeting a 10x return to investors after 8 years.

The VAF crypto adds a new layer to venture capital investing. All of the ventures that the Vegan Africa Fund invests in agree to accept VAF from their customers in exchange for products. Read more about the VAF in our white paper: https://veganafricafund.com/white-paper

Some of our key target early investors include vegan food distributors who are excited about exporting African products to the rest of the world. VAF gives an investor different kinds of exit opportunities, including through product purchase and exchange trading, unlike a traditional fund.

Can Crypto be Eco-Friendly?

Energy use in crypto has been a hot topic the past few years because the leading blockchain Bitcoin is highly energy-intensive. However, the VAF crypto is on a totally separate network - Fantom - which is the most eco-friendly blockchain in the world.

Sending a VAF transaction is 50x more energy efficient than a VISA transaction. The energy it takes is the same required to turn on a lightbulb for one second, where the energy to send a Bitcoin transaction could power an average American home for a week. So yes - crypto can be more eco-friendly than traditional finance, and can certainly be vegan.

To help us support a network that can help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, promote ecological conservation, and to uplift a future-proof lifestyle and diet, invest in VAF here: https://VAF.one We are targeting a 26% APY averaged over 8 years for early investors.

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